Easterday-Tyson saga shows counting 200K cattle isn抰 easy, especially when they might not exist


By Anna King, Northwest News Network

via Oregon Public Broadcasting - Feb. 20, 2021


Just how do you miss 200,000 phantom cattle over several years? That抯 what some people in the Columbia Basin cattle-feeding industry are wondering in an ongoing saga between Tyson Fresh Meats and Easterday Ranches.


揑t抯 hard to believe,?said Mike DeTray, who runs a 4,000-head operation outside of George, Washington.


An accurate count of cattle is essential to cracking the case of Easterday Ranches and Easterday Farms ?two arms of the large Easterday family empire, which Tyson Fresh Meats has accused of inventing and feeding 200,000 cattle on paper. After Tyson filed suit seeking $225 million, Easterday filed for federal bankruptcy.


DeTray said it抯 hard to hide cattle.


揟here is no way Tyson should lose 200,000 head of cattle,?he said. 揥e抮e a small operation ?4,000 animals. And the bank is here counting the cows once a year.?/p>


Amber Itle, an assistant state veterinarian for the Washington State Department of Agriculture, said every day on a farm there are animals coming, leaving, calving and dying. So there is no way for regulators to know how many animals are on any one farm on any one day. It抯 hard to track.


揥hen you are talking about 50,000 animals you can see how easy it would be to get lost in the paperwork,?Itle said. 揥e抮e talking about a lot of animals moving. That抯 a lot of record keeping.?/p>


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