China redoubles focus on food security in newly released policy document


The Cattle Site

22 February 2021


China will put greater pressure on its regions to boost grain yields and step-up support for its domestic seed industry as it strengthens its focus on food security after the COVID-19 pandemic, a major policy document issued late Sunday showed.


Reuters reports that the annual rural policy blueprint, known as the "No. 1 document", placed greater emphasis on food security than in prior years, calling for all provinces to improve grain yields during the 2021-2025 period.


Beijing, which has long prioritised food security for its population of 1.4 billion, has strengthened its focus on the issue since the pandemic hit major food exporting nations last year and raised concerns about stability of food supplies.


"The uncertainty and instability of the external situation has increased significantly. On grain security, we must not take it lightly for one moment," Tang Renjian, agriculture minister, told a media briefing on Monday 22 February, noting that China's population was still edging higher.


The document, published by the State Council, China's cabinet, noted that Communist party committees will also shoulder responsibility for food security, in addition to local government.


China will build a "national food security industry belt", it added, a plan also outlined during a key economic policy meeting in December.


The belt aims to connect all of the country's key grain areas, officials said at the time.


The document also reiterated...