Beef Central抯 response to Facebook抯 ban on news


Beef Central (Australia)

February 22, 2021


Facebook抯 arrogant and unconscionable decision last week to block Australian news sites from its pages will hurt a lot of information providers, including some rural and regional media.


In terms of Beef Central抯 own position, we have always been cautious not to become too reliant on a single digital source like Facebook for our digital traffic ?mainly out of concern that any change of algorithm or policy could mean our audience disappears overnight.


We do post a few news items to our Facebook page, but our core strategy has always been to focus heavily on building our own audience through email subscribers, and direct-to-website traffic.


From a readership perspective, Facebook views represent less than five percent of our monthly audience. So for our readers ?and equally importantly, our advertisers ?our message is that Facebook抯 ban makes little to no difference to us. In fact comparisons of site traffic generated over the past week (since the Facebook news ban), compared with the same week last year, show our site traffic figures have increased significantly, despite the ban.


This means advertisers on Beef Central last week were getting their product or service in front of more eyeballs than during the same week last year.


Nevertheless last week抯 decision does highlight the arrogance that comes with monopolies...


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