'We're just not set up for situations like this': Texas farmers fighting to keep cattle alive through winter storm

Ranchers across Texas are dealing with frozen ponds, busted pipes, and loss of electricity. This is causing many to work day and night to keep their cattle alive.


Jay Wallis, WFAA (TX)

February 18, 2021


Ranchers across Texas are fighting February's winter storm to not only keep their facilities running but also their animals alive.


Cade Nichols knows this all too well.


"We're just not set up for situations like this," Nichols said.


Nichols is a ranch manager for A Barn N Ranch in Celina. They take care of nearly 1,000 cows every day.


Nichols said his team did a lot of prep work before the current February winter storm hit the state. This included getting extra hay not just for food but for bedding to keep the cows warm.


"We are trying to do whatever we can to protect them from that north wind," Nichols said.


One of the main issues Nichols is facing is...


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