Latest U.S. Drought Monitor Map Shows Snow Erased Some Drought Conditions


Oklahoma Farm Report

18 Feb 2021


Persistent brutal cold and snow dominated the latest U.S. Drought Monitor Map and while no one welcomed the frigid temperatures, the snowstorms in the west brought added moisture to the mountain snow packs.


The basin Snow Water Equivalents (SWE) increased throughout the West as many basins were still below normal as of Feb. 16, especially in the southern Rockies.


Light to moderate amounts of mostly frozen precipitation fell throughout Texas, southern Louisiana and Mississippi.


The Gulf Coast area had been experiencing 60-day deficits of three to six inches and this week抯 precipitation was not great enough to eliminate the drought conditions.


One good thing about the extreme cold, evapotranspiration rates have been low, preventing further moisture loss.


There was some modest improvement in drought conditions in the central and northern High Plains.


Western Kansas and southwest Nebraska remain locked into Extreme Drought (D3), with some smaller areas in northwest Iowa also showing D3...


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