Wendy抯 Is Finally Opening Restaurants In The UK


By Anna Lewis, Delish



For years, us Brits have been jealous of the level of fast food our friends across the pond have. Yeah, we抳e got McDonald抯, KFC, Five Guys and all that, but we抳e always had a soft spot for In-N-Out Burger, Chick-fil-A and, especially, Wendy抯.


So when we heard that Wendy抯 was finally coming to the UK, we lost it ?we absolutely, completely, 100% lost it.


Wendy抯, which is best known for its square burgers (including the Baconator) and Frosty Shakes, announced plans to open restaurants in the UK last summer, but it抯 now been confirmed by Big Hospitality that two locations have officially been confirmed: