Opinion: Why banning pig farrowing crates is a backwards step


The Country (New Zealand)

17 Feb, 2021


Opinion: Taranaki pig farmer Karl Stanley explains why he is frustrated with the Government's decision to phase out the traditional use of farrowing crate and mating stall systems in the pork industry.


Last year, the future was looking bright.


Our family-run pig farm in Taranaki was a finalist in the Ballance Farm Environment regional awards for Taranaki.


We were also investing almost $1 million in new indoor farrowing systems ?essentially maternity wards for sows - to ensure the welfare of our piglets and future-proof our business for generations to come.


However, this feeling of optimism came to a grinding halt in November when the High Court ruled that the regulations and minimum standards regarding the use of mating stalls and farrowing crates were unlawful and invalid.


This decision followed a judicial review taken by the New Zealand Animal Law Association (NZALA) and SAFE against the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee (NAWAC), the Ministry for Primary Industries and the Attorney-General.


The Court also directed the Animal Welfare Minister to consider recommending new regulations that provide a transition period to phase out the use of farrowing crates and mating stalls and to consider making such changes to the relevant minimum standards under the Welfare Code for pigs...


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