Powerful message for meat in major UN-Oxford University consumer survey


James Nason, BEEF Central (Australia)

February 17, 2021


RESULTS from the largest ever opinion poll on climate change have just been released by United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Oxford University ?and buried deep in the report is a fascinating statistic.


More than a million people in 50 countries were questioned, with 64 percent of participants agreeing climate change was a global emergency.


However, deep in the report was a result that contrasts strongly with claims from plant-based protein manufacturers that their product is set to replace animal proteins.


Out of 18 policy suggestions presented to the respondents, the least favoured was switching to a plant-based diet, which failed to attract majority support in any country ?See more details here.


The survey showed that globally people are interested in climate change and acknowledge action is needed.


However, it also suggests that many have not bought into the hype surrounding plant based alternatives to meat?/p>


...?the industry needs to continue to tell its positive story about environmental management and our environmental stewardship...


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