Natural Gas Shortage Forces Feedyards to Reformulate Feed, Packing Plants Pause Production


By Tyne Morgan, Drovers牋

February 16, 2021


The energy crisis in Texas is now a battle residents have faced for consecutive days. With several days of record cold temperatures, the strain on natural gas supplies are amplified right now. And as residential and electrical needs are prioritized for natural gas supplies available, the shortage is cutting into production for major food suppliers like the feedyards.


揕ate on Friday, the Texas Railroad Commission basically put out an order to prioritize the top two uses of natural gas, one being human resource needs, the second being natural gas as supplies electrical generation facilities,?says Ben Weinheimer, vice president of Texas Cattle Feeders Association.


Weinheimer says Texas Cattle Feeders immediately started having conversations with state officials and gas companies. While resources needed to meet human needs took priory, Texas Cattle Feeders also had their own priority: taking care of animals during the record cold.


揙ur feedyard members predominantly use steamed flake corn to include in their rations, which requires the use of natural gas boilers,?adds Weinheimer?


The adjustment wasn抰 small...


Packing Plant Problems


Some of those cattle may be held at feedyards a little longer. That抯 as reports show some packing plants in the Texas Panhandle are having to shut down, which include suspending production at Caviness Beef Packers and Tyson for the time being.


Drovers reported Tyson Foods said in a statement...


Personnel as a Priority ...?