Province underprepared for animal disease, says auditor general

A report recommends the province抯 department of agriculture prepare a response plan for livestock diseases "identified as significant to Manitoba.?

Commodity groups support the audit抯 recommendations


By Geralyn Wichers, Manitoba Co-operator (Canada)

February 16, 2021


Producer groups say they support the auditor general抯 recommendations that the province do more to prepare for an animal disease outbreak, but say government staff are working hard to help.


揟hey抳e been highly engaged and they抳e given everything that they can,?said Jenelle Hamblin of the province抯 chief veterinary officer and Manitoba Agriculture staff.


揑 think that if we had more time, more people, more funding, we probably could do more,?said Hamblin who is manager of swine health programs with Manitoba Pork. 揥e抮e working with what we have, and I think that we have done a very good job.?/p>


In a report released late January, Manitoba抯 auditor general, Tyson Shtykalo, concluded that 搕he Department of Agriculture and Resource Development?is working to prevent and prepare for animal disease emergencies, but significant more needs to be done.?/p>


Shtykalo found no emergency response plans were in place for most diseases of interest...?