Israeli startup working to develop chickens resistant to bird flu

"As is well known, the coronavirus has also been transmitted from animals to humans, so the risk to public health is real."


The Jerusalem Post

Feb 12, 2021


An Israeli startup is working to develop chickens which are resistant to the bird flu using precise gene editing.


The company, eggXyt, signed a license agreement to use GEiGS (Genome Editing induced Gene Silencing) technology from Tropic Biosciences to develop the flu-resistant birds. The technology is based on the CRISPR technology which earned a Nobel Prize this year.


Outbreaks of avian influenza affect human health as well and require the destruction of millions of chickens around the world every year.


"The avian flu epidemic is one of the most difficult problems in the poultry industry, with enormous economic and environmental damages," said Prof. Daniel Offen, co-founder of the company. 揊or example, in a US outbreak in 2015, 50 million birds costing $3.2 billion were destroyed...


... The CRISPR method, developed by Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna, uses an enzyme called Cas9, which scans DNA segments, attaches to the desired segment in a very precise way and allows precise cutting or modification of the DNA...


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