Cattle Margins Forecast to Grow, As Weather and Feed Costs Are Wild Cards for 2021


By Tyne Morgan, Drovers牋

February 16, 2021


Plunging temperatures and constant snowfall are proving to be a challenge for cattle producers right now, but weather challenges in raising cattle are a struggle every year.


揥hat we ran into in the late spring and summer was extreme heat, drought, and ?because of our really hard winter, cold, wet winter in 2019 ?everybody used up their hay stocks completely, it made people a little bit edgy,?says Lew Thompson, a cattle producer in Pearsall, Texas. Feed issues started in 2019, and when the rains started to shut off, the challenges only grew.


揥hen they didn't get that in the fall, it almost pushed the panic mode that they just started selling cattle,?Thompson says...


... As cattle prices trended higher in January, Sterling Profit Tracker抯 John Nalivka thinks demand could lend a hand to prices sooner...牋


... Sterling Profit Tracker expects cow-calf returns to beat 2020 and 2019 but fall short of profits producers experienced in 2018. The feeder forecast is also similar...?


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