Camera-based MSA grading becomes a reality


Jon Condon, BEEF Central (Australia)

February 17, 2021


COMMERCIAL grading of MSA carcases using objective camera-based systems became a reality in the Australian beef industry for the first time this week, when Teys Australia commenced grading using an E+V camera at its Wagga processing plant in southern NSW.


Trials using camera-based systems took place last year, but this week is the first time that grading judgements using approved camera systems have been used to formulate MSA carcase payment systems within the processing industry.


Teys plans to roll-out the system to other company sites after bedding the system down at Wagga, with Teys Naracoorte likely to be second in line, and Queensland plant to follow. Initially, only MSA-eligible carcases will be assessed, but longer-term, potentially all carcases passing through Teys processing plants will be analysed by the E+V cameras.


The grading cameras will be operated by existing accredited MSA graders, who will have the ability to over-ride and manually grade a carcase, if circumstances require. In practise, over-rides are rare, and will be indicated to the supplier should they occur.


The German-made E+V (VBG2000) camera system...