Cage-free legislation is a logistical nightmare for retailers

As states continue to pass bills and legislation requiring the sales of only cage-free eggs, supermarkets will be challenged logistically.


Deven King,

February 16, 2021


It should come as no surprise that New Mexico Senate Bill 347 has been introduced to force cage-free egg production and the sales of cage-free produced eggs. It is called the "Confinement of Egg-Laying Hens Act." New Mexico is following in the path of other states, including neighboring Colorado, which is part of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) mission to create laws enforcing cage-free production in much of the western U.S.


The United Egg Producers has been aware of the HSUS agenda and has shared it with the industry on several different occasions. Utah is also in the process of negotiating cage-free egg legislation amongst government officials, animal welfare groups and the state's egg producers.


New Mexico is unique in that there are no egg producers in the state, so this seems to be an independent effort from HSUS and a few key legislators within the state to make sure that supermarkets/retailers can only sell cage-free eggs.


HSUS is not looking at cage-free legislation from a producer perspective but rather how can they make sure that millions of people are forced to purchase cage-free eggs.


Will egg purchasers stick with cage-free pledges? ...


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