'Beef'ing Up Sales


By Marian Zboraj, Progressive Grocer



Consumers have returned to the familiar amid COVID-19, and meat has come back to the center of the plate.


Specifically, consumer perception of the beef industry has positively shifted. From January to September 2020 the percentage of consumers claiming to eat beef at least weekly has increased from 67% to 72% compared with 2019, according to the Centennial, Colo.-based National Cattlemen抯 Beef Association (NCBA). In addition, the number of people with a positive perception of beef has increased, resulting in positive perceptions reaching 70% for the first time.


A Meat Resurgence


The year 2020 proved to be unchartered territory for the meat category...?


The Big Chill


Consumers also hit the freezer aisle in 2020 for their protein needs...


Consumption Trends Create Opportunity


Increased beef consumption following COVID-19 is creating new opportunities for food retailers...


What抯 for Dinner in 2021?


One year into the pandemic, many consumers are now scrambling to look for any shortcut they can get when it comes to mealtime...


Beef Outlook


On an adjusted basis, Tyson anticipates that the beef segments will remain strong, although not at fiscal 2020 levels...