Got Vegan Beef? Study Busts Myth That Plant-Based Labels Confuse Consumers

'Omitting words traditionally associated with animal products from the names of plant-based products actually causes consumers to be significantly more confused'


by Liam Gilliver, Plant Based News?

Feb 15, 2021


A new empirical study has busted the myth that consumers are confused by labels such as 憁eat?and 憁ilk?on plant-based products.


The study ?conducted by Cornell University ?has been published in the Journal of Animal and Environmental Law.


It follows several legislations calling for a ban on plant-based products being labeled with reference to their meat/dairy counterpart.


Plant-based labels


揅ompanies typically use the terms 憄lant-based?or 憊egan?on their labels alongside terms like 慴eef?or 憁ilk?(e.g. Almond milk) to describe their products to consumers,?the study states.


揘umerous states have passed legislation and initiated enforcement actions against plant-based food companies to prohibit this labeling practice...


Dairy ban ...


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