EARTHDAY.ORG Formally Launches Regenerative Agriculture Program


Oklahoma Farm Report

15 Feb 2021


EARTHDAY.ORG, the global organizer of Earth Day, today formally launched its Regenerative Agriculture program. The campaign works to educate and raise awareness of regenerative agriculture and its positive impact on the environment, public health and food justice.


Regenerative agriculture counters climate change and promotes food security by restoring soil, organic matter, and biodiversity as well as reducing atmospheric carbon. It抯 an evolving holistic nature-based approach that boosts topsoil, food production and farmers?incomes. The robust soils and diverse ecosystems that its organic practices create yield more high-quality, nutrient-rich produce than conventional agriculture, fostering fruitful farms, healthy communities and thriving economies.


Jillian Semaan, Food and Environment Director of EARTHDAY.ORG said, 揜egenerative agriculture provides answers to the climate crisis we are facing. The agriculture sector is one of the largest contributors to climate change and regenerative ag has the power to change that by rehabilitating our soils and enhancing our ecosystem. We need a food system that is dependable and capable of high quality, nutrient dense foods that does not continuously degrade our soils.?/p>


EARTHDAY.ORG抯 Regenerative Agriculture program is...


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