Animal Rights Network Direct Action Everywhere Protests Against Animal Agriculture

Protestors gathered at UC Berkeley to criticize the city for their lack of action on animal rights and encourage divestment from animal abuse.


By Pearl Gauthier, Berkeley High Jacket?

February 15, 2021


The Berkeley High Jacket is the award-winning student newspaper of Berkeley High School (BHS)


On January 23, animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DXE) held a protest lobbying for the City of Berkeley to stop spending city funds on animal products.


揟he vision that I have, when I抦 on the streets fighting for liberation, is a world where there抯 equity for everybody ?including non human animals,?said Priya Sawhney, one of the cofounders of the network.


A group of about 50 protestors met at Sproul Plaza on the University of California, Berkeley campus and then took to the streets, holding signs reading 揇ivest from Animal Agriculture?and chanting against animal abuse. They marched down Bancroft to the Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center building, where they held a brief demonstration criticizing Berkeley mayor Jesse Arregu韓 for his handling of animal rights issues, and his leadership in general.


They continued their march to Arregu韓抯 house, where speakers were set up and protestors continued to speak out against animal agriculture.?


揙ur mission is to achieve revolutionary social and political change for animals in one generation,?said Almira Tanner, lead organizer of DXE.


This is the second protest they have held in Berkeley urging city officials to take initiative in decreasing support of animal agriculture in Berkeley. DXE has also...