Study shows cattle methane emissions can be reduced by 40%

The study found it was possible to improve the genetics of animals and reduce their environmental footprint


By Kevin White, The Grocer (UK)

15 February 2021


A multiyear study by red meat giant ABP Food Group has shown it is possible to reduce methane emissions from cattle by up to 40% using a 揹ata-driven?selective breeding approach.


The study, involving more than 4,000 animals at ABP抯 demonstration farms in Shropshire and Ireland, found it was possible to encourage the siring of beef animals that were more efficient at converting feed to protein, reaching their target weight earlier and thereby significantly reducing their environmental footprint.


In addition to the environmental benefits, farmers could improve their economic returns by up to ?00 per head due to the reduced cost of production 揹emonstrating that economic and environmental sustainability can travel hand in hand? ABP said...