Weekly kill: Slaughter cow offers show further softening trend


Jon Condon, BEEF Central (Australia)

February 16, 2021


MORE Queensland export processors have lowered their cow and bull grid price offers during the past week, in the face of record-high margin losses and flat meat sales demand ?especially for manufacturing meat on the international market.


Queensland cow offers from processors in southern and central parts of the state now sit in a narrow band between 600-610c/kg, with this week抯 changes more about aligning with offers from competitors who moved earlier, rather than finding new ground.


Reductions in offers on females in Queensland started the previous week, when some multi-site processors dropped their grids a full 20c/kg off the record-high numbers available over the previous three weeks.


Slaughter cows in southern states have also shown signs of easing, with representative offers back to 590c in publicly accessible grids in southern NSW and South Australia.


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Kills remain subdued ...


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