Ag Groups Say Strong Chance U.S. Joins the New TPP When Biden Shifts Focus to Trade


By Tyne Morgan, FarmJournal's Pork?

February 15, 2021


As President Biden focuses on COVID-19 recovery and climate initiatives, some agricultural groups think trade will be a key piece of those conversations.


揑 think a lot of what they're trying to do requires international cooperation,?says Maria Zieba, director of international affairs for the National Pork Producers Council (NPPC). 揑n order for things to be successful, whether it's on climate or other issues, you really do need that international cooperation. And that's where with trade, we have a very good track record of working with partners, at least in the trade of goods and services.?/p>


Mending relationships with allies is a move one Ohio grower wants to see.


揑'm looking for the Biden Administration to have a comprehensive policy when it comes to trade,?says Christopher Gibbs, who raises corn, soybeans and hay in west-central Ohio...


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