Financial rewards to farmers for environmental services long overdue: AgForce


Source: AgForce

via Beef Central (Australia) - February 15, 2021


QUEENSLAND farming representative body AgForce says it is stepping up a campaign to see farmers rewarded financially for their significant efforts on the issue of environmental stewardship and emissions reduction.


In a media release issue on Monday AgForce CEO Michael Guerin said agriculture had already contributed enormously to meeting Australia抯 emission targets, that many landscapes were carbon neutral or better, and that the industry deserved better recognition than it had received so far.


揟he facts are agriculture is the only industry in Australia to have meaningfully reduced its carbon footprint while strengthening environmental outcomes, yet we still get vilified by the likes of WWF and other anti-farming groups,?Mr Guerin said.


揑t抯 time to reset the conversation, to acknowledge the incredible work being done by agriculture to care for environment ?reducing erosion and runoff, sequestering carbon, conserving soil moisture, increasing bio-diversity, etc ?and for others to recognise the positive environmental impacts on what we do.


揂griculture has to be counted in not cut out of the conversation on climate, but it is essential that any new emission reduction practices do not cause adverse outcomes, like loss of prime agricultural land, or pest and weed encroachment...