53 Tons of Rotting Pork and Other Brexit Nightmares

With Britain out of the European Union, companies that trade with the continent are contending with expensive disruptions to their businesses and a plunge in exports.


By Peter S. Goodman, Stephen Castle and Eshe Nelson, The New York Times (NYT)

Feb. 13, 2021


LONDON ?As the new year made Brexit a reality, Tony Hale encountered the pitfalls of Europe抯 redrawn geography. Specifically, he confronted the need to extricate 53 tons of rotting pork products from administrative purgatory at a port in the Netherlands.


For more than two decades, Mr. Hale抯 company had shipped pork to the European Union without customs checks, as if the United Kingdom and the continent across the water were one vast country. With Britain now legally outside the bloc, exporters suddenly had to navigate inspections, safety regulations and a bewildering crush of paperwork.


For Mr. Hale, incorrectly prepared documents meant sending five containers full of pork to an unplanned final destination ?the incinerator.


揑t抯 a new game, and we have got to learn the rules,? Mr. Hale said...


Crossing the Channel ...


Supply Chain Troubles ...


The Movement of Money ...


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